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Full Circle skirt - Sweet Pea Seconds ONLY SIZE'S 14 AND 16 LEFT

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Full Circle skirt - Sweet Pea Seconds ONLY SIZE'S 14 AND 16 LEFT

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Sadly, a bunch of our lovely skirts have arrived with the button-hole placed vertically on the waistband. How odd is that? Well - Shona asked for the button to be turned the other way and somehow the message got messed up in translation. So we are selling them as seconds with £8 off just to clear the store room. It doesn't affect the wear-ability as we have given it a test drive.

We are so pleased with this gorgeous novelty floral print with a garden theme. It includes Victorian seed packets, an advertisement for an open garden with the horticultural society, a fountain, sun dial. secateurs, a dove cote, bees, wheelbarrows, topiary (of birds), and a "keep off the grass" sign. What a garden! But wait, that is not all!
There is a seed catalogue from 1902 entitled "growing with success", Lewis's "fancy mixed" Bulbs from 1900, and the words "in the garden", "lawn mower" "mixed lupins", "Astor single mixed", "sweet pea" and "flower seeds for stock" (1891). All of these flowers feature as well. It is a total garden paradise

In the 40s and 50s there was quite a thing for novelty or "conversational" prints such as these, and they also had as big a fancy for Victoriania as we do for Vintage. So we are right on the button with this full circle skirt!

The fabric is a heavy cotton - which hangs beautifully. If you have ever had or seen an original mexivan hand printed skirt - this is about the same weight as that.

Our classic full circle skirts mean exactly that - they are made of a complete circle of fabric. These were the height of fashion after Dior bought out his "New Look" in 1948, and are so flattering the cut continued right through to the early 60s and have come back a few times since.

While circle skirts were a hit with the teenagers, women of all ages would look to a circle skirt when it came to dressing for a special event, for dinner parties and going out dancing

Because they are not gathered at the waist, they skim the tummy and hips and create a lovely flattering line to the female figure

The length from waistband to hem is a classic 30" for authenticity and elegance

We've featured a YKK metal zip at the left hand side and a waistband that is designed to sit on the waist comfortably. This fabric is 100% cotton. And there is one POCKET hidden in the right hand seam. Gotta love a pocket!

The actual waistband sizes are:
Size 8 = 27"
Size 10 = 28"
Size 12 = 30.5"
Size 14 = 32.5"
Size 16 = 35"
Size 18 = 37.5"
Size 20 = 40"
 see our sizing charts

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