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The Fleur wrap dress - Lilac Heaven - ONLY SIZE M, LEFT

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The Fleur wrap dress - Lilac Heaven - ONLY SIZE M, LEFT

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Purple is one of those colours you see less of in vintage wear, partly because the dye was expensive, and partly because it has often faded while traveling through time. So it is perfect that we add it into our range since it is harder to get as an original

We've called it Lilac Heaven as little puffs of off white, looking a bit like clouds, set off the roses in red and pink. All scattered on a Lilac background. It is not a floaty lilac though, it is a solid, muscly lilac that has almost grown up to real purple. Darker purple binding trim the neck and pockets and the button is probably the best match we have ever made of button to print! Hurrah!

- Two pockets, perfect for lippy and essentials. Big enough for your phone or for smuggling sweets for later
- Generous authentically-accurate length
- 100% Cotton
- Made in the UK

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100% cotton! This dress wraps at the back, fastening with a single button, and has long ties that can be wrapped around to form a bow at the front or back. Machine washable! And more importantly, each one is made with love in the UK.