<![CDATA[Heyday News - Post Feed]]> https://www.heydayonline.co.uk/default/heyday-news.html Mon, 06 Apr 2020 17:21:07 +0000 Zend_Feed http://blogs.law.harvard.edu/tech/rss <![CDATA[The Future of Heyday!]]> https://www.heydayonline.co.uk/default/heyday-news/the-future-of-heyday.html Heyday has always been a small and very personal business. Run by Me (Shona) who does all the designing and oversees everything, with the help of my husband Twan and 2 lovely helpers. Since becoming a Mum, time is all too important and the demands of Heyday have become a little overwhelming.

We thought about selling up and we thought about just stopping, but neither feels right. While I might be living in more practical mum clothes, the designs for that era keep popping up in my head, and besides, I have lots of lovely customers that make it all worthwhile.

Shona and Jonelle

So we are changing things around a bit so Heyday can continue on in a more manageable way:

 We will be discontinuing some lines to free up some cash to invest in our most popular lines. The Fleur, Judy and Twizzle dresses, men's Gabs, full circle skirts, bow, Bessie and wrap blouses will all be going. We may still do special one offs of them if we come across extra special fabric, but for now we'll be focusing on the basics.

We won't be taking the Heyday stall out to any big events either, online will be your only place to find Heyday and we'll be posting 2 days a week on Mondays and Thursdays. We do hope to come along as punters for a change and catch up with some of you there!

If you have any questions about the future of Heyday, just drop us a line, but in the meantime, now is your chance to grab a bargain in our clearance sale as we make way for the future!

Here's what you'll find in our sale right now.

Fleur and Judy Dresses 30% off
Elizabeth and Twizzle Dresses 40% off

Bessie and Wrap Tops 40% off
Bow and old style Martha Blouses 20% off 

Bessie Skirts 10% off

Mens Gabs and Mens Shirts 20% off



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<![CDATA[A Note About our Trouser Sizing]]> https://www.heydayonline.co.uk/default/heyday-news/a-note-about-our-trouser-sizing.html Recently we hit a hurdle with our trousers - in that we found that many of them were labeled incorrrectly. It mostly affected sizes 6,8,10, 12 and 20 - all of them were labeled one size too small except for the 20s which were any sizes from a fourteen to an eighteen!
As I went through and measured them (a painstaking process, taking 3 weeks) I also realised we had a second even worse issue. The waist on nearly 70% of them was outside what we'd think of as normal tolerances - being nearly a whole size bigger at the waist. An example is our walnut whip trousers, pictured here, which are currently reduced by £5 because of this issue.
Walnut Whip Trousers
The important thing to you is that you might now need a size larger than you thought you did! The actual measurements are at the bottom of this post to help you decide.
You'd think that after all this time our manufacturers would have this right. But in truth this is very easy to get all up the spout!
Our trousers, as our customers will know, have an inlay in the centre back - an extra large seam if you like - that can be let out if you have a more straight up and down figure than our regular cut. This is a wonderfully handy thing to have, since women change shape often, and it is something that you normally would only find on very high quality ladies trousers (yet it is on nearly every pair of men's suit trousers!)
We also have our buttons down the side - a typically authentic vintage element (did you know they thought centre front zips vulgar?).
walnut whip buttons
Well, these two things - the line of the inlay and the placement of the buttons, if varied only slightly, can make a large impact on the final size of a garment. Add to this little variations on each seamstresses natural seam allowance, wether they err slightly more or slightly less, and then the accuracy of the fabric cut, things very easily get out of hand. Chaos ensues!
The difference between one size and the next is only around 2" and that difference is easily gobbled up. 
The correct measurements are as follows, and we'd assume a 1" tolerance larger rather than smaller. 
Size 6 waist 24 1/2" - hip (11" down from the top of the waistband) 38 1/2"
size 8 waist 26 3/4" - hip 40"
size 10 waist 28 3/4" - hip 42"
size 12 waist 30 3/4" - hip 44"
size 14 waist 32 3/4" - hip 46"
size 16 waist 34 1/2" - hip 48"
size 18 waist 37 3/8" - hip 50"
size 20 waist 40 3/8" - hip 52"
We do aplogise if by correcting the trousers to the pattern that they were meant to be messes up with what size you are in them. Do remember that they can always be altered just by moving the buttons.  
If you have any issues with any of your trousers ordered from us please let us know! The best way to reach us is a quick email to Helen at shop@heyday.co.uk. Send us measurements of you or the trousers in question so we can answer you quickly!
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<![CDATA[New Year New Affiliate Scheme!]]> https://www.heydayonline.co.uk/default/heyday-news/new-year-new-affiliate-scheme.html Welcome to a shiny new 2015 and all the future excitement it holds!

Our first announcement of the year, is that we are introducing an affiliate reward scheme for Heyday!

We know lots of you out there have blogs, website, or already just love to tell people about Heyday, and we think you should be rewarded for that, so we've set up an affiliate program where you can earn 5% of the sales of anyone you send our way to do some shopping!


You'll get your own affiliate link that you can use in a sidebar and in posts and you can turn any link into an affiliate link by adding your # affiliate name to the end of a link.

There are some pre made banners you can use on your sites, as well as talking about us in blog posts, and we'll try and keep all out affiliates as up to date as we can with upcoming new designs and future opportunities!

If you have any questions, then just drop us a line, but we hope to welcome some of you on board soon!

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<![CDATA[Happy Christmas and a Big Thank You]]> https://www.heydayonline.co.uk/default/heyday-news/happy-christmas-and-a-big-thank-you.html Well, it's Christmas Eve, and us here at Heyday Vintage Style want to take the opportunity to wish you a very Happy Christmas and New Year!

We also want to thank you for all your support this year, and over the last few years. Heyday is a very small operation and your support and feedback means the world to us!

Now, go eat mince pies, spend time with your families and we'll see you on the other side with more gorgeous vintage style goodies!

Oh, and keep an eye out for our last flash sale of the year, starting on Boxing Day!


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<![CDATA[Gravesend in the Forties]]> https://www.heydayonline.co.uk/default/heyday-news/gravesend-in-the-forties.html Last weekend Heyday! was big hit at the Gravesend in the Forties weekend.

Alongside the NAAFI wagon, 40s fashion show, stalls, living history displays, wartime vehicles and dancing by A2 Jive and Medway Lindy hoppers the lovely Luna Nightgale performed in her Heyday! Fleur dress

luna nightingale

We also love this performance from the amazing Magdalena who hula hooped up and down a cannon in her Heyday! swing trousers!



The weekend enjoyed great weather and a great turn out with a wonderful atmosphere.

Luna said "I knew I had to bust out some Heyday for this one, and I got so many compliments on my dress (as I always do when in your finery) its definitely another winner!"

We'll definitely be keeping our eyes open for this one next year!

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<![CDATA[Guest Post : Americana 2014]]> https://www.heydayonline.co.uk/default/heyday-news/americana-2014.html Howdy hi!

This year the Americana festival celebrates its 34th year and part of the line up was the Fashion Show, very kindly hosted by Aislinn of BooBoo Kitty Couture. Aislinn and BBKC also hosted the show last year and its great that, over the total four years that the Fashion Show has been running, a lot of the original core girls have remained. To me (who has modelled for three of those four), that says the organisers are doing something right, so firstly a big thank you to everyone involved in the show and the weekender over all.

This year there was a whopping 18 hotcake ladies modelling and I was so chuffed to see I'd been given Heyday to model for again along with some other fab brands.

Our modelling group was made up of:

Dolly Minx
Stephanie Jay
Little Gem
Lila Lawless
Doe Demure
Emma Dynamo Marshall

These girls are so lovely and it was great to see some familiar faces again and meet new friends!

When it came to the show itself, we all met from 10-11am on the Saturday to make sure the outfits we've been provided with fit (that helps!) and do a run through to make sure we're all comfortable with what we need to do. After all, walking on stage and showing off clothes isn't as easy as it may seem; the eyes are on just you and if you fall over....well...I'd laugh my face off if I fell over but it doesn't look great basically. And you know it'd be on YouTube!

I had new heels to try so I gave them a test run to settle my fall-over worries and it was then a case of organising the outfits and prepping for the show! Exciting!

Saturday's show was at 14:45 and we were revving our modelly walky engines and ready to go! Heyday's collection was second to last and by the time we put on the outfits we were well into the swing of things and clapping each other down the runway. Here's a snap of the Heyday girls before we went on stage during the Saturday catwalk! I'm wearing the Bessie paired with white swing trousers...love it, really goes with the spirit of Americana!

The first show went fabulously so we were well and truly ready for the second show on the Sunday.
On the Saturday night_ and as a preparation for the next day, I headed out for dinner and cocktails with Goldy Loxx, Hellkat, Ria Fend and Sailor Cherry.


We even made friends with a handsome fella called Tiki Malcolm too! What a dreamboat!

The Sunday show meet up was a bit later on as everyone knew what to do, how to walk, what they were wearing and where to be. We got our first set of outfits on and had a few behind-the-scenes snaps, touch up of the old make up and barnet and we bloomin' did it again!

Every girl looked awesome and no walk and pose was the same as the next. Wonderous! The Sunday was the day Luna Photography was at the end of the catwalk too so the girls gave it some extra BOOMPOW. Check out some more of the professional pics on the Heyday! Facebook page here!

Stephanie Jay

To end the show we did one final walk round with Aislinn leading us and, with tons of smiles and high fives, 2014's Americana fashion show was done!

As a tradition we take a snap of everyone after the show so here's a peek at everyone together... What a fab bunch!

Luna Photography

It's a pleasure working with so many talented people and I hope the Americana fashion show carries on for a long time, with brilliant brands continuing to be involved and it's great to see smart women leading the way. Huzzah!!

Ciao for now, you beautiful bunch.


Stephanie Jay

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<![CDATA[We're a Winner!]]> https://www.heydayonline.co.uk/default/heyday-news/national-vintage-awards.html You've probably noticed us pestering you for votes over the last month or so as this year we entered as a nominee in TWO categories at the National Vintage Awards!

We were up for the category we were the winner in last year, Best Vintage Repro, as well as Best Online Vintage Shop. With the help of all you lovely lot and you votes we made the final 3 in both categories, and on Thursday Shona headed up to Birmingham for the party looking pretty glam!


A fabulous evening was had by all, and we are super chuffed to announce that we came home a winner again, taking the Best Vintage Repro Award for the second year in a row!

Here at Heyday! we worl super hard to try and make easy to wear but still authentic vintage inspired clothing that you'll love, and it means so much to get your votes and take home an award!


So we've decided it's our turn to say thank you, and until Sunday this week you  can get 10% off ANYTHING on site using the code NVA2014.

Happy Shopping, and a huge thank you from the bottom of our hearts!


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<![CDATA[Working 9 till 5....]]> https://www.heydayonline.co.uk/default/heyday-news/work-wear.html Happy New Year folks!

I guess we're all back at work now, the decorations are down and the New Year detox has begun. It can all feel a bit depressing after the sparkle of Christmas.

But Heyday! isn't just for fun times, oh no, Heyday! can brighten up your work days and do duty in the office as well.

Our swing trousers come in a smart, office worthy navy and brown pinstripe, as well as sensible black, grey and brown

pinstripe trousers

If you want to look super business like and professional and get your New Year off to an "in line for a promotion" sort of a start, then it's time to invest in a new suit!

Our wartime suit is perfect. It comes in navy, black and brown, and is vintagey enough to have a bit of style, while being conservative enough for any office you care to think of.

ladies suit

If you prefer to wear a skirt to work, but a full suit is a bit much for your job, then our pencil skirts are super smart, but that little bow at the back adds a little hint of glamour! There's brown with a leopard print bow or red with polka dots to choose from, and it looks gorgeous with our Doris blouse.

pencil skirt

See, being back at work doesn't have to be boring!

Browse our full stock and top up your workwear wardrobe!

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<![CDATA[Christmas Posting Dates]]> https://www.heydayonline.co.uk/default/heyday-news/christmas-posting-dates.html Well, Christmas is nearly here, and we thought we ought to let you know when you can expect anything you buy over Christmas to arrive!

We're posting as usual up until Monday 23rd December, but if you want it to arrive in time for Christmas then your last day to order is THURSDAY 19TH DECEMBER.

We'll be back at the post office on the 30th December, so anything ordered from the 23rd-29th will go in the post then.

Then after New Years Eve we'll be back at the post office on the 3rd to post anything you order over the New Year Holiday.

So if you want a fancy new frock for New Years Eve, or maybe one of our festive Christmas Fleur Dresses for Christmas Day you need to order it Wednesday or Thursday this week to be sure of getting it in time!


christmas fleur

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<![CDATA[Heyday! on It Takes Two]]> https://www.heydayonline.co.uk/default/heyday-news/heyday-on-it-takes-two.html On Tuesday night Heyday! got a taste of fame as our red Twizzle dress was chosen by the very lovely Karen Hardy for her appearance on Strictly Come Dancing - It Takes Two.

As Rememberance Day is approaching our Twizzle dress in red was the perfect choice as it's based on original wartime CC41 design.

karen hardy

Karen teamed the dress with a string of pearls and poppies in her hair, and finished it off with these amazing Miss L Fire polka dot shoes which are currently on sale on the Miss L Fire website!

Karen Hardy Red Dress polka dot shoes

If you'd like a Twizzle dress of your very own, then you can buy them here, in red, black and moss green.

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